BrazilJS - Part 2

This is a follow up to part 1.

Crockford asking for some advice

###Where modern front-end tooling has gone (Renato Mangini) Forgot to take pictures of this one. Sorry.

Renato Mangini focused on tools for automating tasks, but instead of showing internally developed tools like Mauricio, grunt and bower were introduced. There was not a lot of technical details, but there is plenty of examples on the Internet for this tools. Another highlight of the talk was the little chat with Addy Osmani. After Renato showed yeoman for the audience, there was a failed attempt to release the 1.0 version in front of 1000 people. The wifi connection didn’t help at all.


###Crowdsourcing Heroku’s Node Buildpack (Zeke Sikelianos) Zeke Sikelianos

Zeke talked about some trends on Heroku’s buildpacks, more specifically about the Node.js one. He made some browser extensions that helped identify what kind of things the community was building. The findings are well described on the slides, so there is not much else to say.


###Um futuro chamado Web Components (Zeno Rocha) Zeno Rocha

This, for me, was the best talk of the conference. Zeno gave a crash course on Web Components, demoing each of the technologies that make this possible. Aside from being a great public speaker, Zeno did a call to action and launched a site for collaboration on new web components. When the videos come out, if only have time to watch one talk, this is the one you want to watch.