BrazilJS - Part 3

Last post: part 2.


The first day ended with two talks about the Firefox OS. One thing that both talks didn’t mention is how developers are supposed to make money on the platform, which I think is a important point if they intend to get any mass adoption of the system. Don’t get me wrong, the OS looks pretty neat for tinkering, but if there is no money involved, I doubt any major application will be developed, aside from things that depend on subscriptions.

###Bringing the open web and APIs to mobile devices with Firefox OS (Robert Nyman) Robert Nyman

Robert Nyman talk went over some of the APIs, permissions and application categories, and a little about the Firefox OS marketplace. A lot of the APIs that are present on the OS are also present on other Firefoxes. On Android, applications can be installed and accessed by an icon on the home screen, just like you would expect. Some resources for developers were mentioned. And you should read this.


###How to make mobile apps: Web developer REMIX (Angelina Fabbro) Angelina Fabbro

Angelina took a more practical approach, and live coded an application, showing how easy it is to create a new app for Firefox. The session went as well as live coding tipically goes, but it got the point across. If you know your javascript, you are pretty much set for developing for Firefox OS. I didn’t find the slides, but you can see the code on github.

This seals the deal on the first day. Also, watch this.