BrazilJS - Part 4

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Belíssima skyline portoalegrense

After all the awesome talks of the first day, I went to the hotel and learned that my reservations where for July, one month earlier than the event. Sigh. Fortunately there was a room available on another hotel, and the cab fare was cheap (at least comparing to Florianópolis).

###Buscando a melhor performance em Aplicativos Móveis com HTML5 (Demian Borba) Demian Borba

Demian gave a bunch of tips on how to improve performace of mobile HTML applications. The slides are well worth the read, but as all advice, take them with grain of salt. He also spoke about the Blackberry development environment, showing some pretty cool things like remote web inspector, etc. Then there was some sci-fi dreamy weird propaganda. Ok.


###The Perf Doctor is In (Josh Holmes) Josh Holmes

There is not much I can write about this talk that Josh Holmes hasn’t spoken better in his post. Suffice to say that it was a talk about performance, with a sneak peek at some tools that will be available in IE11. The talk complemented Demian’s, focusing more on the profiling and identifying bottlenecks side of things. Pretty cool stuff.

API Sex (Alexandre Gaigalas)

Alexandre gave the most eccentric talk of the event, tracing some paralels between biology/evolution and API development. Sadly I couldn’t find the slides, but some of the code and ideas he showed can be found in the routing framework he developed and used for this talk.